Tortilla Flats

This West Village fun-house is great for everyday of the week shenanigans ie. Monday & Tuesday are BINGO night, Wednesday is Hula Hoop night and Sunday is Trivia night. This is the BEST place to go for birthday parties and big groups. The staff is also very generous with their Tequila. Winners of contests win a round of Tequila shots for their whole table. The streamers hanging from the ceilings and  pictures/ drawings on the walls offer a fun and casual atmosphere  perfect for letting loose and toasting over some good Mexican grub. The food is well priced, and it’s impossible to come here and not have a permanent smile wiped across your face.

***DEAL: For parties of 8+ the 2 hours all-you-can-drink plus one entree per person for $50 which also includes tip and tax is required. It’s a great deal for your money and entertainment for the evening.




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  • I would like to think I played a big part in exposing you to the glory that is Tortilla Flats. Hope to be back there soon with you!

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