Vandaag (CLOSED)

Vandaag is a Dutch, Scandinavian and Western European-inspired restaurant with a foreign yet intriguing menu. The cocktails might as well be written in hieroglyphics and includes ingredients such as: pimms, pollen salt, cardamaro and cocchi americano. Really, it’s just all made with Austrian-German alcohols and garnishes. The restaurant is unique because of the massive, unused, dead space which is rare for a place in New York City. A concert could easily be held in this spacious room comfortably. The gray floors look like warehouse floors, and I love the red ceiling lamps made out of wire. If spicy flavors turn your palate on, don’t even think twice about ordering the Salt-N-Pepa. This hot drink is an experience and tastes like 12 drinks in one; first, it tastes like a margarita, then salty and smoky and then it kicks you in face with a fiery explosion. You’ll be blowing flames in no time but a pleasant spice that keeps you drinking. The Waterzooi is similar to a French bouillabaisse, and the shrimp, creamy broth and crunchy vegetable slaw are a nice combo. Skip the brussels sprouts -they don’t taste like anything. Vandaag’s stellar playlist makes this a fun Saturday night spot, and it’s a perfect place to learn how to drink Gin and for big groups and adventurous eaters/drinkers!