Westville East

Bold statement 3.2.1…Westville is my favorite go-to restaurant in NYC. The menu offers everything you could ever desire at brunch AND dinner. With a list of 20 local, daily “market sides,” aka vegetables, you can’t go wrong. Westville makes vegetables taste like candy, and I recommend the brussels sprouts and the dijionnaise cauliflower. The menu is eclectic/American and also has the best sweet potato fries and regular fries in the city. The turkey burger is so fresh it tastes more like a turkey sandwich than a traditional burger. The variety of options is exciting and you will literally want everything. You can get a mix of healthy with some indulgence, and the menu never gets old. It’s a fun place to go with friends on the weekend for brunch or during the week for dinner.  I always feel it is a duty to share this gem with everyone who visits!

The Grilled Cheese on a Portuguese Bun is also a wild card. It’s a fluffy circular bread that puts an english muffin to shame. Enough already, go get your daily serving of veggies!

*Additional locations: Chelsea at 18th St. & 8th Ave. and the original at 10th St. & Bleecker St. in the West Village.


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