Wong is the West Village’s newest Asian restaurant to put up a flare- it’s a bit confusing about what exactly to call the food. Simpson Wong uses all local ingredients with Malaysian accents, but it doesn’t feel or taste like a typical Asian restaurant. The unique, braided, wooden chopstick holders and modern decor including a cubby for magazines makes it “trendy” Asian, if you will. The atmosphere is young and hip, yet all ages venture here to eat a nice meal without fear of being in a spot too “sceney” or too low key as Chinatown. The staff is more than helpful and patient while guests try and figure out what is a must order. The bread used in the Duck Buns is insane- buttery, flaky, toasty and it almost outshine’s the duck itself. For a comparison to Momofuku Ssam’s buns, see The New York Times Restaurant Critic, Pete Well’s review.

The raved about Cha Cha La Wong noodle dish with Hake didn’t hit a high note as it seemed a little tasteless. However, the three part dish (noodles, skillet with fish and sauce) was fun to put and mix together. The Lobster Egg Foo Young stole the show with a generous lobster portion carefully placed in a skillet with tomato-chili sauce, egg and a dusting of dried shrimp. This dish is so boss I would eat it for breakfast. Agressive? Not at all. It was the best thing we ate, and there was even enough lobster to go around for the table to the point that we all apologized for thinking we had each eaten most of it. When does that ever happen with lobster? The space is pretty small and walk-ins can be tough on the weekend, so I’d definitely make a reservation beforehand. Also, the portions aren’t huge, so if you share everything, make sure to plan accordingly, or you might have to grab a slice from the infamous Joe’s Pizza around the corner. I’m not going to rat anyone out here though. Eat up!