Zutto Japanese American Pub

Zutto is a 30-year-old overlooked, treat in Tribeca recently renovated in October and waiting patiently to be rediscovered by the local folk. It’s incredibly relaxing, soft and personal which explains why JFK Jr. was a regular here back in his day. It offers nice, wooden communal tables and allows you to kick back, breathe and unwind to a variety of hits from Eminem to Dave Matthews Band. Its cool Japanese ambiance and eclectic menu offering: short rib sushi rolls, traditional steamed buns, ramen, skate and french fries are a bit perplexing all together, but it caters perfectly to the pub food lover. The sous vide chicken is classy and tender, and the sweet potato tots are adorable and presented in a common Chinese to-go carton. Go ahead and pop these on back! Skip the sushi rolls altogether and go for the small plates and buns. Overall, Zutto is an atypical Asian spot serving comfort Japanese food and provides New Yorker’s with eccentric dishes creating a fun affair for all!


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